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A Crooked Gun: The Civil War Dead of Schoharie County

A Crooked Gun
A Crooked Gun is an attempt to identify and describe all of the soldiers from Schoharie County, New York who died in the Civil War – men like Lt. Albert Westinghouse of Central Bridge, whose brother founded the Westinghouse Electric Company. Shot through the heart with a pistol ball on December 10, 1864 in McLeod’s More Info »
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by Laura

Farm: A Walk Through Agricultural History with Jared van Wagenen Jr.

In his book Milton Sernett takes a walk through the changing landscape of American agriculture with Jared van Wagenen, Jr. as his guide and mentor. Van Wagenen was a insightful historian as well as an expert farmer and lived by a creed expressed in an essay written for THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST shortly before his death: More Info »
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by Laura

History of Schoharie County Floods

Flood Book 011
History of Schoharie County Floods - Published by SCHS. Edited by Elaine Enders Cooper. Published on the first anniversary of  Tropical Storms Irene and Lee.
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by Laura

Borders and Scrolls: Early American Brush-Stroke Wall Painting

Borders and Scrolls
by Margaret Coffin 1790 - 1820  this book is devoted to a discussion of a particular type of wall painting which was popular in a small area of the United States around the turn of the 19th century.  It fits comfortably within the traditions of the "Age of Classicism."  which held Europe and America in More Info »
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by Laura

The Simmendinger Register

Ulrich Simmendinger's eyewitness account  of New York's First Palatine Germans.  Contains lists of names. Reprint by Schoharie County Historical Society
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by Laura

A Dirty Trifling Piece of Business

Dirty Trifling piece of Business
by Gavin Watt By 1781, the sixth year of the American rebellion, Canada's governor, Frederick Haldimand, cleverly employed his resources to raid the rebels' frontiers and create anxiety, disruption, deprivation and undermined their morale with invasion rumors.  
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by Laura

The River Indians: Mohicans Making History

River Indians Mohicans
by Shirley Dunn Early Mohican concessions to the Mohawks led keepers of Indian records to unduly emphasize the Iroquois in the colonial period. The peaceful coexistence of the Mohicans with the European newcomers also has led historians to undervalue their presence.  
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by Laura

The Story of the Palatines

By Stanford H. Cobb An episode in colonial history.
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by Laura