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Revolutionary War Cookery

Rev War Cookery
By Robert Pelton Revolutionary War Period Cookery is chock full of delightfully different and delicious cooking ideas favored by many famous and some forgotten yet historically important individuals of yesteryear. It contains the favorite dishes of numerous figures from the Colonial period of our glorious history.
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by Laura

Molly Brant: A Legacy of Her Own

Molly Brant
by Lois Huey and Bonnie Pulis   A historical biography that presents this remarkable 18th century woman as a mother, as well as a power broker and diplomat.  
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by Laura

Year of the Hangman

by Glenn Williams After two years of fighting, Great Britain felt confident that the American rebellion would be crushed in 1777, the "Year of the Hangman." Britain devised a bold new strategy. Turning its attention to the colonial frontiers, especially those of western New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, Britain enlisted its provincial rangers, Tories, and More Info »
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Fighting the American Revolution

by Wade L. Houston   The strategies, tactics, weapons, battles and key military leaders are all expertly explained.  
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by aoldstonelog

Swords & Blades of the American Revolution

by George C. Neumann   Over 700 historic bladed weapons, including swords halberds, bayonets, knives & axes.  
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Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley

Rebellion MValley
by Gavin Watt Research assistance by James F. Morrison In the summer of 1777, while the British and the Americans were engaged in the bitter American Revolution, a massive campaign was launched from Canada into New York State. Brigadier Barry St. Leger led a crucial expedition from Lake Ontario into the Mohawk Valley.  
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by Laura

The Burning of the Valleys: Daring Raids from Canada Against the New Yrok Frontier in the Fall of 1780

Burning of the Valleys
by Gavin Watt With research assistance by James F. Morrison The Canadian Department waged a decisive campaign against the northern frontier of New York. Their primary target was the Mohawk River region, known to be the "grainbowl" that fed Washington's armies.  
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by Laura

A Dirty Trifling Piece of Business

Dirty Trifling piece of Business
by Gavin Watt By 1781, the sixth year of the American rebellion, Canada's governor, Frederick Haldimand, cleverly employed his resources to raid the rebels' frontiers and create anxiety, disruption, deprivation and undermined their morale with invasion rumors.  
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