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A - Z coloring the Old Stone Fort Museum

By Jeff O' Conner, Illustrated by Pam Pratt Coloring book with an alphabet of sketches of objects and stories from the Old Stone Fort Museum.
Price: $4.00$3.00
by Laura

Tri-Cornered Hat Large

Black Permalux tricorn costume hat with white trim.
Price: $7.50
by aoldstonelog


The sound of the whirling disk lends this folk toy its common name of “buzzer”, although it appears in English literature as early as 1686 under the general name for spinning toys, whirligig. The scalloped edge of our buzzer identifies it more particularly as a “buzz saw” toy. In past times the edge was often More Info »
Price: $6.25
by aoldstonelog

Cannonball Wooden Puzzzle

Puzzle solution included in each game. Meets CPSIA safety standards   Material(s): Wood   Dimensions: 4 W x 7.5 H x 0 D (in.)
Price: $6.00
by Laura

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s ladder
Our Jacob's Ladder is an old-fashioned toy made from six wooden blocks measuring 2-1/2 inches by 3 inches that are connected with black cotton ribbon. Hold the top block and watch the others "descend" like someone on a ladder. The Jacob's Ladder is one of the toys that early American children were allowed to play More Info »
Price: $11.50
by aoldstonelog

Nine Pins

Our set of Nine Pins (with cloth bag)is a tabletop version of the traditional bowling game which can be played on any tabletop surface. It comes packaged with a cloth, drawstring bag, game rules, a wooden ball, and an extra bowling pin for anyone who also cares to play Ten Pins.
Price: $10.50
by Laura

Mj. Andre Capture Medal

This is a replica of the medal given to David Williams (buried at Stone Fort) for aiding in the capture of Major Andre and foiling the plans of Benedict Arnold.
Price: $9.00
by Laura

Civil War Currency

Includes reproduction war cents, tokens and information.
Price: $7.00
by Laura